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Milk Crate - Canberra City - January 2017 - Anisa Sabet - The Macadames-102-92
Milk Crate - Canberra City - January 2017 - Anisa Sabet - The Macadames-43-37

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Milk Crate started when childhood mates, Hucks and Sam, were ready to live through their coffee passion and make a difference in the Canberra foodie scene. Hucks realised that in this ???experience business???, success was not simply about selling stuff but about giving people a memorable experience. The duo teamed up with a vision to create a business where people came first, and where coffee is not just a drink, but a way of life.

Aside from spending time combing his beard, Hucks is passionate about building Milk Crate around wholesome food and good service, in a chilled out setting. Having found success with ???Cafe Delicious??? in the heart of Sydney, Hucks has never looked back. With his desire to fuse the flavours of the Mediterranean with all time favourite Aussie and American recipes, the duo set their sights on creating their own Canberra success story. You can find Hucks under the spot light, wearing his snapback and high tops, at 6/12 Moore St, Canberra ACT 5 days a week (as for Sam, he???s as elusive as our Nutella muffins after 9am???.blink and you???ll miss them???oh???and him, keep an eye out).